Festival Flamenco 31 - Artist Reveal #1


The 2018 Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque (2018 ABQ) is sending special insider announcements all week about the artists for the 2018 festival, and luckily your trusty Flamenco Journeys guide is on the list!  I just received word of the first artist announcement for the 2018 Festival - Alfonso Losa! He is making the U.S. debut of his show Con-secuenciA that premiered at the Festival de Jerez in February ,and this show was also his debut on the mainstage Teatro Villamarta at the Festival de Jerez. He will also be teaching workshops. I don't want to get you too excited, but I do know that Rocio Molina was a guest artist in Alfonso's show in Jerez. . .

Here is short video from the show from the Festival de Jerez to get you excited: - https://vimeo.com/258181388!

And here is what Losa said about the show in an interview before the Festival de Jerez - you can read the full interview here - https://www.deflamenco.com/revista/entrevistas/alfonso-losa-debuts-con-secuencia-at-the-22nd-festival-de-jerez-1.html)

This show reflects the point in time I’m living right now, and it’s a step forward.  It’s true that as a dancer, I’m not going to lose my identity in the way I dance, but I’m surrounding myself with a great team, among them, Florencio Campo, who is a great stage director and is helping me to get this work on its feet.  With all my years of experience in dance, you might think I already have everything I need to express myself, but it’s exactly the opposite: I need to continue learning, and I can only do that working with people who bring things to me that I don’t know or don’t have.  And sometimes, in order to continue learning, I have to question some ideas that I had taken for granted.  In order to learn and grow, you have to go back a little, and advance through other doors that someone opens for you. Which is why I talk about unlearning.  And as far as the consequence as a starting point, let me explain.  I’m looking for a new form of expressing what I feel and not only of dancing flamenco, which is already a very expressive genre, but also having an internal story-line from which I go moving through various motifs.  In fact, that’s what the show is about. I use the title as a sort of play on words: I present sequences, and each one of them has a motivation, such as internal rhythm, love, current artists like Rocío Molina, etc.  In those acts or sequences, we start out from a motivation, and we don’t know where we’re headed because it’s basically an investigation, it’s an improvisation within a certain order.