Festival Flamenco Artist Reveal #2

V Coloma.png

Madrid-based dancer Vanessa Coloma has been announced for the 2018 ABQ Festival! A rising star in flamenco, the ABQ festival will be the U.S. premiere of her show Flamenklórica that she debuted in Spain last year. She performed in the ABQ festival in 2014, shortly after the fire at the headquarters of the National Institute of Flamenco. 

She has also performed with artists including Rocio Molina, Jesús Carmona and Alfonso Losa (who also happens to be her boyfriend!) and in flamenco festivals and venues around the world including Albuquerque, Corral de la Morería and Casa Patas tablaos in Madrid and Mont-de-Marsan in France.

I had the opportunity to see Vanessa dance por fiestas at a show in Jerez in 2016 in La Guarida del Angel, and she brought the arte! It was the show of El Barullo (cousin of Farruquito) and the bulerias por fiestas was an all-star scene as there were so many flamencos in the audience, including Vanessa, Alfonso Losa, Juan Paredes and El Barullo's cousins El Carpeta and Afri!

Looking forward to seeing Vanessa's full show in ABQ, and here is a video from the world premiere of her show Flamenklórica in Spain last year.

P.S. If you want to follow Vanessa on Facebook, her full name is Vanessa Coloma Suarez