Festival Flamenco Artist Reveal #3

Dancer Guadalupe Torres was the 3rd artist announced for FFI 31, and her show Roble ("Oak") is making its US debut in the Festival with co-star José Maldonado.

This will be my first time seeing Torres, who was born in Madrid in 1983. She has studied with master teachers including Esther Escudero, Beatriz Martín, Ricardo Franco, Aurora Bosch, José Antonio Ruiz, Eva Yerbabuena, Alejandro Granados, Javier Latorre, Israel Galván and Antonio Gades. In 2002 she moved to Sevilla to join the Compañía Andaluza de Danza under the direction of José Antonio, and she has also performed with the companies of María Pagés and Rubén Olmo. She has also performed with singers Miguel Poveda and Montse Cortés, guitarist Pepe Habichuela and dancer Güito.

G Torres.jpg

She appeared in the Carlos Saura Film Flamenco Hoy and has collaborated on major productions with singer Montse Cortes and also with dancer Marco Flores and his company at the 2012 Festival de Jerez. She has toured extensively throughout Europe and Mexico, and her show Roble debuted in Paris in 2015. She has won major prizes including the 2007 Prize for Best Choreography for the show A miedos, Colores in the Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid, the 2010 prize for best solo choreography in the same festival, and she was a finalist in the concurso Cante de las Minas de La Unión.

Dancer José Maldonado is also a painter, and he has performed with some of the greatest in flamenco, including Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales, El Güito and María Pagés, In 2013 he obtained the first prize in the Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid for the choreography Mojacar and in 2015, for Trigo limpio. He currently combines the management of his  José Maldonado dance company with his participation as guest dancer and choreographer in the companies including Manuel Liñán and Guadalupe Torres.

From what I can see from watching her videos, Torres is a blend of traditional and modern and I'm looking forward to seeing her show, and a big plus one of my favorite singers "El Bola" is scheduled to sing in her show!

Here is the description of her show Roble:

"Everything starts with silence and ends with silence...

Make silence a space of control to feel safe and use silence as a language. To make the fragile glass of a bottle strong as the wood of the oak barrel where that wine was grown to mature and have its own aroma and flavor.

For a movement to have beauty it is necessary to breathe, to pause... for something to mature, calm and the passing of years are necessary.

Spaces in time full of complacent Silence, of mockery, of absence, compliance, necessity, choice, obligation ... Silences full of fragility, strength, or growth where they find their place in their own Soul.


They are millenarians and silent witnesses, always remaining firm and strong in the face of adversities and caprices of the earth and life. Always maintaining its beauty, majesty, freedom, strength and shelter for others. More and more branches in its trunk, until it becomes an old and silent Oak full of beauty, observing everything that happens around it over the years."