Festival Flamenco Artist Reveal #5

The fifth artist announced for FFI 31 is Sara Calero. She will perform a special late night show at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, June 12 at the Experimental Theatre ("the X") on the UNM campus.

Notes: This show is not included in the ticket package and must be purchased as an add-on, and yours truly is going as I have never seen her perform and this is also a new venue for the ABQ Festival. This show also follows the Alfonso Losa show CON-SEQUENCIA that starts at 8 pm at the Rodey Theatre, also on the UNM campus. Probably will not be much time between the two shows so remember to bring some snacks in your bag if you're going to both shows!

S Calero.jpg

Calero was born in Madrid in 1983 and she completed her dance studies with honors at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Fortea under the direction of Alicia de la Corte, and she studied flamenco at Amor de Dios, one of the most famous flamenco schools in Madrid. The maestro Granero took her to a Gala of Stars at the Teatro Villamarta in Jerez where she had the opportunity to share the stage with Lola Greco, María Pagés, Maribel Gallardo and Beatriz Martín. Afterward she spent eight months in Sevilla at the Escuela de la Compañía Andaluza de Danza and then she returned to Madrid as a “listener “with María Pagés and Antonio Márquez. She remarks that in many companies it starts like this, you start going to the rehearsals, you learn the shows and when the company has a space open up, as it happened in the company of Antonio Márquez, you become part of the company, and this was how she landed her first job in a professional company.

Although I have never seen her perform, from what I have read and watched online, she will have elements of Rocio Molina (ABQ 2016) and Rosario Toledo (ABQ 2017) and it will be more like flamenco performance art! Her show, Petisa Loca, will be making its US premier at this year's festival after premiering at the 2018 Festival de Jerez, and here is its synopsis:

"In Petisa Loca, Sara Calero and Gema Caballero have taken a new step in their personal exploration of the language of Spanish dance and flamenco. Artists find essences, emotions, paths in a universal experience: that of women who leave a world of obligations imposed by their origin to work their own path of freedom. A whole emotional and cultural arc takes place on the scene that transports us from the rigors and violence of the traditional environment to the transformation experienced in the search for individual aspirations. For this, they feed on the meeting of peninsular music with the American ones, today artistic testimonies of how the root culture is infected by new worlds when the trip and the adventure propitiate their meeting.

Accompanied by both the electronic music of The Lab and the depth of the guitar of José Almarcha, in its journey the lyrics of poems and songs of that environment of origin, of the first loves, of the clash between the idealized and the real, will be rescued and the loneliness and rawness that many times the adventures at the end of the road bring us. The aesthetic story of a life experience that belongs to women of all times is staged, and speaks of growth, of hunger for the future, of drastic changes guided by desire, and also of undesired destinies."